Who We Are:

International Tourism and Sustainability Centre (ITAS Centre) is a membership and award winning non-governmental, non-profit organization that recognizes sustainability as a very crucial value for human existence; dedicated to moving sustainability initiatives forward in order to create the required balance in our economic, environmental and social interests.

Our Vision

Is to behold and to bequeath to the future generations a most peaceful and prosperous global community.

Our Brief History:
ITAS CENTRE was initially incorporated in Nigeria as Network for Sustainable Development Limited by Guarantee Company on April 02, 2008. It is an offshoot of the knowledge and action platform developed by enthusiastic sustainable development advocates from Africa, following the United Nations world summit on sustainable development held in South Africa in 2002 (Jo’burg 2002) to become one of Africa’s key veritable regional initiatives (then called the Sustainable Development Programme of action for Africa) for the implementation of the brilliant outcomes of the Jo’burg 2002 summit. The ITAS Centre is therefore the solidarity for global sustainability.
Our Vision:
To behold and to bequeath to the future generations a most peaceful and prosperous global community
Our Mission:
To work in partnership with global and local civil society organizations and governments including the United Nations’ organs, African Union, across various sectors and industries, finding solutions to local and global challenges; empowering individuals, communities, and regions to shape their futures; thereby guaranteeing sustainable developments on all fronts.
Our Objectives:
- To promote interventions for the attainment of Sustainable Development Goals on all fronts, via advocacy, education, training  and empowerment initiatives.
- To promote sustainable tourism, international migration; and global interdependence
- To promote human capital development and education at all levels for self-reliance, productivity, quality and universal education.
- To promote volunteerism, intercultural and international exchange programmes; And empower youths and students for tomorrow’s leadership challenges.
- To promote human rights education and deployment of international best campaign strategies.

Our Partners

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