Our Charter for Compassion 


Our Charter for Compassion is the direct Humanitarian Unit of the ITAS Centre with the following responsibilities.

Payment of School Fees for Primary and Secondary School Students. Our focus here are on rewarding the bright students who excel; and assisting the indigent and orphan students who need help to go to school. We are waiting for your donations!


Periodic and Emergency (Skip-A-Lunch-Fund Drive) for specific challenging issues of our immediate and remote societies; which focus on Medical (life saving) Needs; victims of violence (Internally Displaced Persons); and people with Migration challenges.


Donation of Electronic Libraries (Computer Desktops and Laptops) and Vehicles (Cars, Trucks and Buses) to the rural Africa Communities who also deserve functional mobility and movement; Electronic infrastructure for learning and technological advancement. The focus here are the Primary and Secondary Schools, Orphanages, University and Religious Centres.

World Interfaith Peace Project (WIPP) works to promote peace at the national, regional and global levels. The (WIPP) seeks to advance common actions amongst various religious traditions and faiths for peace. We seek to explain the paradox and contradictions that – “All religious groups and faiths claim that theirs are peaceful." However, most if not all the violence around the world have all got religious inclinations” what can we do?

Apart from embarking on profound humanitarian interventions for the victims of violence; WIPP strategy also employs conscientious Peace Advocacy and Dialogue – Conferences, International Exchange Programs and Publications to help engender a reversal and secure a peaceful global community as consequence.