Make Poverty History Agriculture Program 


  “A famer is a magician who produces money from the mud” Amit Kalantri, Wealth of Words.



The Centre keeps engineering a conscionable Leadership in Agriculture in Africa to make poverty and hunger history. It is deploying strategies to innovate Sustainable Agriculture Infrastructure that guarantees food security and bid the needed goodbye to hunger in the region.




Our ambitious Agric – strategy of establishing of at least two mechanized farms (Crop Production, Animal Husbandry – Ranches, Aqua-cultural Endeavours) in every State of Nigeria through a well planned Public – Private – Partnership arrangement brings a great hope that the war against poverty and hunger will be won sooner than later. Promoters are enjoying permanent economic freedom, creating employment, deleting poverty and eliminating the many social vices strangulating the continent.



A Small and Medium Enterprises Business School which is run by one of our counsulting partners is dedicated to raising Agricultural Entrepreneurs (Agripreneurs) in the fields of Practical Agriculture and the real Business of Agriculture and Entrepreneurships. It promotes and operates the Central Bank of Nigeria Non-Collatarized Agric-Loans of up to 10million Naira; By training farmers, start ups and helping to prepare their business proposals and documents to secure the loans and really monitor from their start to success. We also work and partner with relevant Ministries, Departments and Agencies of Government of Nigeria as well as International Development Partners in order to ensure the attainment of SDGs 1, 2, and 3.





At the heart of our Make Poverty History Agriculture Program is our “Catch them Young” Strategy for High School Students in form of Mentoring and Mental Fortification to make our Next Generation of Leaders embrace Agriculture and develop lasting interests at a very early age.

How are we going about this?

i) Establishment of Young Farmers Clubs in as many High Schools as possible in Africa; and mentoring them via our trained volunteers and selfless professionals from within and without the African continent.

ii) Organization of Agripreneurship Skill Acquisition Training, the President's Prize on Sustainable Agriculture Essay Competitions and Agric-Film Festivals etc. etc

iii) Local and International Exchange Programs and Internships. The students undertake a well guided Agricultural expositions and excursions, Exchange Programs and Internships for not more than 6weeks at very successful Farms and Ranches in the United States, Canada, Israel and couple of other European Countries. “Catch them Young – MMF”