Education for Sustainable Development 


 “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”- Dr. Nelson Mandela.




With this Dr. Mandela’s inspiration at heart, we wake up every day at ITAS Centre, to work to implement educational programs that guarantee the attainment of SDG4 in particular, as well as Sustainable Development Goals on all fronts, which include but are not limited to organising and educating for Sustainable Agriculture, Sustainable Tourism, Human Rights and Technology Innovation.

International Education

We are one of Africa’s pioneer in Education without Borders, Study Abroad Schemes and Internationalizaton of Education of various regions of the world via our network of global partners – mentoring and placing students into Foreign High Education Institutions around the world. We constantly engage in formulation of policy advice for Managers and Administrators of Education.


ITAS Centre partners Educational Organizations, Foundations and Governments around the world in offering scholarships to Excellent and Indigents Students from primary school to University levels.

Capacity Building and Life-long Learning

Together with our local and international partners we promote and organize continuous Professional Development and Life-long Learning Programs for various categories of workforce and others; providing opportunities to foster continuous development and improvement of skill sets needed for employment and personal fulfillment. We also conduct Education Advisory Services, Study Tours, Short Courses and Leadership Meetings and Retreats for Politicians, Educators, Traditional and Religious Leaders.