Paid Internship, Training & Summer Works Programs in the U.S. (Young People)

INTERNSHIP PROGRAM: (Post-Secondary Students)

Structured Internship Program that must be in the students’ field of study. Students must be currently enrolled in a post-secondary school outside the United States OR graduated not more than one year before the program start date.

TRAINEE PROGRAMS: (School Certificate to Recent University Graduates)

Structured training program that must be in the trainee’s professional field. Prospective trainees must have a post-secondary degree from a non-U.S. institution in addition to one year work experience OR have 5 years of experience in the field in which they are training for those that have Secondary School Certificate.

SUMMER WORK TRAVEL IN USA: (Post-Secondary Students)

Full time students at accredited post-secondary, classroom based, academic institution, outside the United States, who must have completed at least one semester (including final year students) could come to the U.S. for this program. The program provide foreign students with opportunities to experience U.S. culture while working in unskilled seasonal or temporary jobs.

The Program duration is 4 months and can be repeated every summer. Online Applications are received from November to April 30 each year. Make the connection now! Program and processing fees apply